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Feel free to check live uptime stats of our servers.

Server Uptime Track By

Feel free to check out the uptime stats on our hosting servers. Please mind that uptime on the server is indeed higher than listed here by uptime robot service as only 1 IP address is checked.
Even if this 1 IP is unreachable, server might be up and running, serving all other clients without any issues.
Uptime Robot service calls this URL for each server:, it shows the current load on the server.
If this IP is under DDoS attack, it might be temporarily blocked by CISCO Firewall. All our servers share a range of IP addreses, so if 1 IP is blocked by the firewall, it can affect 3% of the clients on the server at most.

Server Name Status Uptime (24 Hours) Uptime (7 Days) Checked URL
No information received from

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