Frequently asked questions about Hosting24 update

The Hosting24 update will not affect your files or services. Everything will work as it did before, if not better! The only notable adjustments will be a new and improved Members Area with website design, which may take a moment to get used to. But since it’s focused on user-friendliness and convenience, we are sure that you’ll enjoy it!

We plan to make slight pricing changes to domains and web hosting packages. This will ensure further product improvement and development. Fear not, though! As soon as the update kicks in, we’ll be offering special sales and promotions for everyone. More information is coming soon!

We expect the updates to significantly boost performance, customer support experience, and open more possibilities to our users. Thus Hosting24 will need to be brought in-line with our other hosting services. From now on, lifetime domain renewals with hosting packages will no longer be offered. Domain names will require manual renewal each time they expire. However, you will be still be able to receive a free domain registration when purchasing new web hosting plans for 12 months or more. The domain will be free for the first year.

Let’s take a journey through time to understand the whole situation. Our first premium web hosting project was Hosting24. It launched a few years after our free hosting project - 000webhost. Since Hosting24 was launched, our team started working on Hostinger. Over the years, Hostinger has developed into a powerful cloud-based infrastructure. We then migrated our projects there and saw a massive improvement in performance, efficiency, and workflow. Therefore, we feel that it’s time for Hosting24 to accommodate the Hostinger Cloud and become the premium web hosting platform the world deserves.

Hosting24 has provided cPanel hosting so far. Now, we are introducing a new shared hosting control panel powered by Hostinger. Lets see what differs between the two!

Shared hosting control panel is our custom-made tool that aims to put all of the essential web hosting features in a single place. It’s constantly updated and improved based on user feedback. In short, you can use it to manage everything from emails, to script installations and files. It provides great flexibility and lets us adjust anything based on what our users need.

cPanel is another well known hosting platform. Hosting24 will still continue to provide and improve cPanel web hosting plans. Existing users will not be affected by the introduction of the new product.

To provide an outstanding service, we will update our Members Area. Regardless which hosting product you choose, you’ll be able to access your account and manage any purchased services.

Existing cPanel hosting users will still be able to access it through the domain name or server IP as usual. Your Members Area will have all the credentials and details.

If you order a web hosting package with Hostinger control panel, it will be accessible directly through your Members Area. For a short introduction, you may check this tutorial. In case anything is unclear, our Customer Success team will be there to assist you every step of the way!

The web hosting world changes rapidly nowadays. That being said, Hosting24 is a little outdated at the moment. We feel like this update is a step in the right direction and will give our users more flexibility, extra features, and improved support. We strive to provide the best web hosting services in the industry and to do so, Hosting24 needs an extra touch!

Hosting24 update will include these changes:

1. New website design with a fresh look and content.
2. An updated Members Area interface with the latest features and convenient service management.
3. Users will be introduced to new amazing web hosting products (such as web hosting with our custom-made Control Panel).
4. Our customer support workflow will be improved and adjusted to provide lightning-fast assistance 24/7.

You can have both cPanel and shared hosting control panel plans and manage them conveniently in your Members Area. Since both products are so unique, each have their allocated servers.

Migration between the two panels would need to be manual. It would involve moving your files, emails, database, and changing DNS.

VPS hosting users will be introduced with a new and improved VPS management page available at the Members Area. You’ll have access to virtual server details, snapshots, one-click OS reinstall, recovery mode and more!

Domain name management will be simpler than ever before. The new Members Area will have a fresh domain management section. You’ll be able to find everything related to your domain, such as nameservers, whois details, privacy service and other key features.