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Summer Time

Posted on May 30th, 2014 by Arnold F.

Summer is around the corner! Probably all of you by now are well aware of the fact our data center is having some issues with Comcast connection. Fortunately, only a tiny fraction of our customers are affected by this slowness. Things have improved over the last few days however the issue is not yet fully resolved. We are communicating with our data center technicians daily, hopefully this will end before you even notice it. And when you have your perfect holiday all planned up, you can at least be assured with one thing - our support staff and admins will be here to take care of your website while you are catching that perfect wave in Hawaii!

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All Servers Patched for CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL Exploit

Posted on April 9th, 2014 by Bailey K.

Heartbeat OpenSSL bug (CVE-2014-0160, released only few hours ago) has been patched on all servers. Rest assured that all information sent via SSL tunnels is safe on all Hosting24 servers.
More information on this major exploit at
Check if you are affected:

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28 New Domain Extensions, all Free with Account!

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by Bailey K.
new domain extensions on hosting24

Check out these newly added domain extensions!
Best of all, they all come FREE with the accounts on our servers!

What's in it for the Client? You have more choice. You may register a domain extension specialized for some country, or you can choose a less known extension but a prettier keyword (for example is taken, but is available). It all comes down to your personal preference, we at just want to give you more freedom of choice.

Here is a full list of newly available domain names:

Extension About Price*
.biz For Business Owners Free / $14.88
.ca Canada Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.us United States Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pro For Business Professionals Free / $14.88
.eu European Union Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.mobi Optimized For Mobile Websites Free / $14.88
.asia Optimized For Asia Region Free / $14.88
.be Belgium Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.ch Switzerland Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.de German Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.dk Denmark Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.es Spain Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.fr France Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.hu Hungary Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.in India Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.it Italy Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.li Liechtenstein Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.name For Personal Websites Free / $14.88
.nl Netherlands Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pl Poland Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon Free / $14.88
.re Reunion Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.tf French Southern Territories Free / $14.88
.wf Wallis and Futuna Islands Free / $14.88
.yt Mayotte Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.ru Russia Domain Extension Free / $14.88
.se Sweden Domain Extension Free / $14.88

* Each Domain Name can be selected as a free domain name with any hosting package (Silver, Gold, Starter, Business). If you choose to register this domain name separately, the regular price will be applied.


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Photos of our new headquarters!

Posted on February 14th, 2014 by Bailey K.
Our new offices

We have recently moved to a brand new, custom built and designed office.

This is the place where most projects of Hostinger Group (including are being developed and maintained, including the CEO, Project managers, System Administrators, Programmers and some of our Support members.

This is how our regular day at work now looks and feels like:

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for using our services.
We love our work and we wish to make every customer happy.


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Better performance! New server setup: Apache + Nginx!

Posted on January 16th, 2013 by Bailey K.
nginx and apache

As our servers run cPanel, the main web server is apache. Apache is great for PHP (it is the fastest one to return PHP content), but when it comes to static content (images, html, javascripts) it lacks performance.

We have added nginx to our web servers, which acts as a reverse proxy and returns all static content instead of apache.

This lead to a huge performance increase, especially on sites with lots of static content (for example image galleries, html only websites, websites built with website builder). We have noticed reduced page loading times, sometimes even by 4 times.

We are also working on optimizing mysql service, which will reduce query execution time and will lead to performance increase on database sites.

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