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Welcome to Affiliate Program - supercharged with unique features that will jumpstart your conversion rate. We are using a powerful tracking system, which places a cookie on the visitors browser with your affiliate ID. Just in case a visitor deletes the cookie with your affiliate ID, we still have their IP address recorded. Each IP is synced with the affiliate database after the sale is made, just to make sure all your sales are tracked correctly.


Earn Lifetime commissions

By using our "Lifetime, 50% of sale value commissions" program you will continuously receive commissions for each customer you refer. Even if you decide to quit your business one day, you will still earn money - month after month, year after year.

Generate Your own Coupon Codes

Increase your signup rate by offering noticeable discounts (up to 30%!). Coupon codes can be used without any links! You may post your coupon codes all around the web and give discounts to everyone - they simply need to use your code on our order page.

Link directly to our site

Don't worry about using a long unrelated URL, you may link directly to our main website - Our unique tracking system automatically recognizes that a visitor came from your website and credits you.

Great looking banners

We are offering many professional looking, eye catching banners. All come in standard sizes, with static and dynamic content, that will integrate to your website perfectly. Place them anywhere, use different strategies - there are no limits.

Top Lifetime Commission Receivers

  1. Ioan A. $33090
  2. Lee W. $29975
  3. Marius M. $19301
  4. Joseph G. $18766
  5. Zebo X. $18037

Last Month Payments


Our affiliate manager, who is also a leader in affiliate marketing, will give you professional advice as to what strategy to choose in order to promote our services.

If you are looking for professional business, we are willing to create custom solutions for you. Do you have great ideas that could bring you more sales? We have developers onsite that will help you realize your plans.


Program 1: One time $75 - $105 Per Sale Commissions

This is the most popular 'typical' affiliate program scheme where you earn $75 for "Silver" and reseller "Starter" hosting plan sales, and $105 for "Gold" and reseller "Business" hosting plan sales. Good if you want a fixed commission rate. Good conversion rate and fast, big money.

Program 2: Lifetime Commissions

Receive 50% commission of any sale, for a lifetime! Commissions will accumulate month by month, year by year, as long as the client you have referred is using our services and making payments. You will receive 50% of what the client pays us, no matter which hosting plan he orders or upgrades to, no matter which billing cycle he chooses. Even if you decide to quit your affiliate marketing job one day, we will still send you payments. This program type has a great conversion rate, as it allows your referred clients to pay monthly, without any setup fees.


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